Big Red Beard Comb Hardwood Blade – Walnut


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Big Red Beard Comb Hardwood Blade – Walnut

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Here it is Gents, the epic ‘Hardwood Blade’. It’s the closest we’ll be getting anything this shape to our beloved beards. It’s constructed using our standard laminated process making for one of the largest and strongest combs we’re offering. It’s like two combs in one. One side is a slightly modified fine tooth similar to our No.7 and the opposite side is the wide tooth pattern of our No.9. Keep this beaut by your side to keep your Beard looking it’s best.

The Hardwood Blade is crafted with a laminated technology, which ensures that your comb is made as tough as possible. The comb is made from a total of five layers, with the three inner layers, running perpendicular to the face layers to add rigidity and strength to the teeth and body of the comb. With this process we’ve drastically increased the strength to ensure your comb will be around for quite some time.

  • Saftey Razor shape
  • Double Sided: Fine tooth and Wide tooth pattern.
  • Walnut outer Eastern Maple inner -creating a Maple ‘pinstripe’
  • Crafted with laminated technology
  • Ideal for medium to extra long beard lengths
  • 4″(10.2cm) long x 2.5″(6.4cm) wide
  • Static Resistant
  • Protective 100% recyclable, reseable package

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27 reviews for Big Red Beard Comb Hardwood Blade – Walnut

  1. Tiffanie (verified owner)

    My husband loves it! The look is classy and it’s nice and compact…easy to use.

  2. Josh (verified owner)

    I love this comb, it’s great for distribution of beard oil after a shower. Cool shape and nice to have 2 in 1 design.

  3. Andrew

    my favourite comb. hands down. Best for detangleing and controling. nice not to have 2 combs

  4. Shawn

    I must say it’s huge! I was hoping it was a tad smaller but i still love it! Very nice comb. Was the first comb i feel in love with and now i have one!

  5. Tom Flores

    Awesome comb, beautiful craftsmanship. Whenever I break it out people always ask about it. If your rockin a beard you gotta represent.

  6. Daniel P. (verified owner)

    Great pocket-sized comb. Sturdy, nice layered wood appearance, glides through my beard effortlessly. Now I want to start a collection of Big Red Beard Combs.

  7. Joshua (verified owner)

    Awesome comb! Very durable and works great.

  8. Sveb Delbare (verified owner)

    Very nice product, enjoying my comb from the first day i got it.Will tell this to other beardmen.Shipping was very fast ( to Belgium ).
    Thanx , keep making these kind of combs.


  9. nick strba (verified owner)

    my go to comb in any form. from the morning and before bed comb to the going out and distribute the balm and oil evenly. best comb ,hands down!

  10. Liane M. (verified owner)

    I’m so thrilled with these combs, I bought 2. I looked on the internet and saw many produced overseas and was thrilled to find that the ones I liked the best were made in my home province! The combs are beautifully handcrafted and are something that the boys will have as keepsakes.

  11. Robert Guzman (verified owner)

    I love this comb. It goes everywhere with me. I get compliments on the awesome style of my comb

  12. Robert Guzman (verified owner)

    I love this comb. It goes everywhere with me. I get compliments on the awesome style of my comb.

  13. Erica Hartman (verified owner)

    My husband love this! With a beard balm, it tames his beard wonderfully. The comb itself is beautiful and the craftsmanship is even more so.

  14. René (verified owner)

    This Design is just great!
    Really awesome comb!

  15. Katrina (verified owner)

    This was the best gift for my boyfriend and (myself)! Guys this comb will honestly do fabulous things to your beard. Most combs/brushes push, smash, and tangle your beard. Yes you look in the mirro and say “man my beard looks good” because that’s what you’re used too. Nope this comb does wonders. It has made his beard softer, and longer since it’s not being smashed down anymore… It literally tames it like a true “Gentlemans Beard”! Oh and it’s ouch proof so he says. And LADIES no more scruffy beard scratching your face yayy lol. This Big Red beard comb has changed things for the better in many ways, also I live in TN and it got to me way faster then I expected . Thanks for the great work y’all have done my boyfriend loved his Valentine’s gift (^_^)

  16. JEAN-LOU (verified owner)

    A very nice comb. Maybe too thick for short or medium beard. I recieved it 2 months ago and it still smells good.
    Le peigne est très chouette. Peut-être un peu épais pour les barbes un peu courte. Dans tous les cas je l’ai depuis 2 mois et il sent toujours aussi bon.

  17. Dominik Jobst (verified owner)

    Wonderful comp!

  18. Todd brinson

    I’m loving my new comb!! My 8 month long beard is perfectly tamed with this baby!! Love the wide and fine sides. A gorgeous piece of craftsmanship!! Keep up the good work!

  19. Michael Cleary (verified owner)

    Awesome product. I would recommend this to any bearded brother with a large beard. The wide teeth are great especially after waking up or out of the shower.

  20. Christopher Padua Morales

    Must say I’m impressed with the product’s quality and looks. Just bought it as my first beard comb, so far so good. May I say I just love the way it smells too! Nice craftsmanship, looking forward to start a Big Red comb collection!

  21. Matt Johnson (verified owner)

    Who would have thought that a comb could be a conversation starter? Not only does it look great, but it’s really handy to have the two combs in one. I keep it in its original packaging and it lives in the inside pocket of my leather jacket. My ex wife seemed to think it was a bit excessive for a comb, but she’s just jealous that I have a nicer beard than she does.

  22. Annie Brady (verified owner)

    I ordered this comb for my husband for Christmas and he absolutely LOVES it! He loves the ease of 2 combs in one and it just glides through his beard, never getting caught up in a tangle. We will definitely order more products from Big Read Beard Combs in the future. Your products just enhance the gloriousness of my husband’s big red beard! Thank you for making quality products!

  23. Dan Boucher

    Great comb smells great love both sides. I would love a handle or even a curve to it to hug the side of my face but overall it’s fantastic.

  24. Nikki (verified owner)

    Got this as part of a b-day present for my guy, he instantly loved it. I can’t wait for the double sided folding comb to be released. Too cool looking.

  25. Bevan (verified owner)

    I really like this comb especially since it has 2 sides with different teeth sizes. I have a big red beard and the wider teeth work awesome throughtout the day to maintain my beard. The only con to the comb is because i have a big red beard, and a rather thick one, i find my beard snags at times at the bottom of the teeth. When i use beard oil, it glides through smoothly and no snags. Only thing i could maybe suggest is maybe the teeth be a little wider or if the edges of the teeth were smoother or slightly rounder. Overall, I am very happy with the purchase and would/have recommended Big Red Beard to friends.

  26. Misha (verified owner)

    Great product, and a fantastic step up from my No. 5. The combo is much bigger than it looks, but that’s a good thing! I use the fine side to “up-do’ my beard before/as I apply oil and balm, and then I use the wide side to shape. If you only want to use a single comb, this one’s hard to beat. With the plywood technology, you’ll never have broken teeth – which is frankly inexcusable. Smells great, too!

  27. Mouna (verified owner)

    Très satisfaite. Mon copain l’adore

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