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FREE CUSTOM ENGRAVING included. Please write in the customer notes upon check out, what you would like engraved. 25-30 characters maximum.

As our beards grown and evolve so do the tools we use to keep them looking their best.  Here at Big Red Beard Combs we strive to grow and evolve not only our own Big Red beards but the products we design and sell to our bearded brethren .  The New Double Deuce No.22 has undergone a complete redesign starting with the most obvious difference, the size.  We have increased the case to accommodate a duel sided comb featuring both wide and fine tooth patterns and crafted from our exclusive laminated technology. The comb is accessible from either side of the case and is securely kept in place with a magnetic locking system while not in use. Protected by a black walnut case and fastened with solid brass bolt, the No.22 doesn’t skimp on style or quality. Stay groomed gentlemen.

  • Duel tooth patterned comb
  • Solid Black Walnut case
  • Comb is constructed with a 5 ply laminated material. Walnut outer with a Maple core -creating a Maple ‘pinstripe’
  • Solid brass bolt
  • Now includes leather lanyard
  • Magnetic locking mechanism
  • Static Resistant


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2 reviews for *NEW* Double Deuce No.22 – FREE CUSTOM ENGRAVING

  1. Adrián (verified owner)

    Great product for beard and mustache!
    To be honest, I often use it for hair after my routine in the morning.
    It was in a big package I ordered together, so I can compare with the others. I also received a leather Double Deuce 22, and also a Big Red No.5. So to focus on this product lets see, it is really well designed, the material choice is perfect, and it is lighter than it seems. It is well finished, and fine engraved, just like the others. The custom engrave is a nice touch for customize, this makes it my very own comb, the tool for every day care basically forever.
    The double head is genious, although it makes it bulky, and hard to use with smaller hands. No matter, I learnt it in a couple of days, and now i can use it in different shaping. Usually use the wider tooth size first in the morning, spread some oil than fluff with the fine tooth side. I use brush for the last, but if there is any remaining oil is on the comb, I simply comb it into my hair.
    On travels it essential, and with the leather stripe it is easier to grab it in a big pocket. I wonder if it can be smaller, or thinner, to keep it in my pocket, but for that, I have other options, so this is really fine.
    It came in a quality packaging, Survived the shipment to Hungary in a few days. The service was great also! They replied my questions in no time!

  2. Kristopher

    Was fortunate enough to win this a few months back and it’s the prize of my collection. It is a bit larger than you might be used but holy hell it’s a small sacrifice to pay for something so slick. It screams quality and is just perfect. Can be somewhat addictive flipping the comb back and forth in the case, that click of the magnet is addictive! Such a cool and unique comb, haven’t seen another like that. Knocked it out of the park, fella.

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