Leather Double Deuce No.22L – Whiskey


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Leather Double Deuce No.22L – Whiskey

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We have designed the Leather Double Deuce No.22L to have all the great features of the classic Double Deuce, but in a more compact size. The Leather case protects the Beard Comb and features a snap closure to keep it in place. A grommet has been added to allow you to clip the Leather Deuce on your keys and go. Hand-crafted from high quality leather and our classic 5 ply laminated Beard Comb, this beaut will keep you looking damn handsome in style.

We’ve also designed the No.22 to be adaptable.  By easily removing the rivet the user can swap one comb for the other in a matter of minutes. If your Beard is short, start with the Fine Tooth & then swap for the wide tooth Comb insert once it gets longer.  The No.22 becomes  a comb that grows as your beard does.

  • Rich Whiskey veg tan leather, brass grommet, rivet & snap
  • Your choice of Fine or Wide tooth pattern
  • Hand-crafted leather with snap closure
  • Comb is constructed with a 5 ply laminated material. Walnut outer with a Maple core -creating a Maple ‘pinstripe’
  • Grommet for clipping on keys
  • Open Dimensions: 7-1/4″(18.4cm) long   x   1-1/4″(3.2cm) wide x 5/8″(0.7cm) thick
  • Static Resistant


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11 reviews for Leather Double Deuce No.22L – Whiskey

  1. Constance

    Absolutely first rate and cot-orpbeptomed, gentlemen!

  2. Mick (verified owner)

    High quality, durable, and perfectly sized for a pocket. Favorite comb by far.

  3. Graham (verified owner)

    This thing is beautiful. Extremely well made, both the leather and the comb itself. Super convenient either on the keys or just toss it in your pocket. Highly recommend you get yourself one, your beard will thank you for it in the long run.

  4. JB (verified owner)

    Perfect pocket comb for beard or hair. Looks great and the leather pouch protects the wooden comb so no worries about damaging it in your pocket even if there are keys or the like there. If you have a shorter beard (less than an inch or two) make sure you get the fine teeth – they are still fairly widely spaced for a comb.

  5. Max (verified owner)

    great little comb with a nice character. It’s nice to use and works well. Beard should be about >1cm.

  6. Dominik Jobst (verified owner)

    Very nice

  7. Bonnie Peacock

    Great comb it was a gift for someone and he loved it said it works well best comb he has ever had. He loved the leather case.

  8. Michael Strong (verified owner)

    Very good quality and also a very fast delivery to Germany.
    Not the last time I ordered

  9. Mike Abril (verified owner)

    Very nice quality comb, excellent quality leather. Very happy with my purchase.

  10. Adrián

    Great product for longer beard and mustache!
    It was in a big package I ordered together, so I can compare with the others. I also received a “New” Double Deuce 22, and also a Big Red No.5. So to focus on this product lets see, it is really unique, a leather case as the part of the wooden comb is a great construction. I take it with me to work, and keep it close everywhere I go. It is small so it is in my pocket on the way, or on my desk, or in the car. It became a habit to use it after eating or drinking, or after I arrive to somewhere. The quality is first class, and the design is really well thought just like the others. The head can be changed for fine tooth, it is good to know. Overall it is kept more simple than the double headed, this is why it is more compact and mobile. I not use it as a key holder, I use way more than that.
    I choose the wide tooth because it is a good combo with the No. 5.
    The service was great also! They replied my questions in no time! I choose different products into my cart, and messed up the ordering. Thank you for the help, and keep this high quality of yours!

  11. Alex thacker (verified owner)

    This is the 5th BRBC I have bought.. I always seem to leave them at home, problem solved. This one goes everywhere with me. Great product.

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