Leather Double Deuce No.22L – Black – The Chopping Block

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Leather Double Deuce No.22L – Black – The Chopping Block

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$39.99 $31.99

Although it does get cold up here in the mountains of British Columbia, we just can't bring ourselves to burn these. What's wrong with them? Nothing really. They're simply combs with slight esthetic flaws such as, seams, knots, slight twists, etc. These are all common and natural occurrences in wood, and though some may consider these flaws, we consider them beauty marks that don't affect the function of the comb in any way. What does this mean? Simple savings. If you don't see the comb you want, check back often, every once in a while some combs end up on the Chopping Block.

We have designed the Leather Double Deuce No.22L to have all the great features of the classic Double Deuce, but in a more compact size. The Leather case protects the Beard Comb and features a snap closure to keep it in place. A grommet has been added to allow you to clip the Leather Deuce on your keys and go. Hand-crafted from high quality leather and our classic 5 ply laminated Beard Comb, this beaut will keep you looking damn handsome in style.

We've also designed the No.22 to be adaptable.  By easily removing the rivet the user can swap one comb for the other in a matter of minutes. If your Beard is short, start with the Fine Tooth & then swap for the wide tooth Comb insert once it gets longer.  The No.22 becomes  a comb that grows as your beard does.

  • Black leather
  • Your choice of Fine or Wide tooth pattern
  • Hand-crafted leather with snap closure
  • Comb is constructed with a 5 ply laminated material. Walnut outer with a Maple core -creating a Maple 'pinstripe'
  • Grommet for clipping on keys
  • Open Dimensions: 7-1/4″(18.4cm) long   x   1-1/4″(3.2cm) wide x 5/8″(0.7cm) thick
  • Static Resistant


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1 review for Leather Double Deuce No.22L – Black – The Chopping Block

  1. C.J. (verified owner)

    It is a great deal to start with. I already had the brown and brass leather deuce comb with fine teeth. I also wanted a black one in wide teeth for my collection.
    The black grommet doesn’t sit as tight on the comb as my brown leather one, hence the price. It does work wonders to my hair, and I use mine to detangle my slick-back-look-with-too-much-pomade hair.

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