Big Red No.5 – Beards Til Death Anchor – Special Edition Makore


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Big Red No.5 – Beards Til Death Anchor – Special Edition Makore

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Beard for Life and show your dedication Til Death with our Special Edition Makore No.5 Big Red Beard Comb. This  bad ass No.5 is engraved with a Sailor Jerry inspired Anchor wrapped with a banner reading ‘Beards Til Death’ and crafted with our Special Edition Wood, Makore, an African hardwood.
Come in from a different angle with a Big Red Beard Pick. The No.5 Comb offers a large area above the teeth allowing for good grip and control of your grooming angle. Great for all beard lengths. Crafted with a laminated technology, this ensures that your comb is made as tough as possible.  The comb is made from a total of four layers, with the two inner layers, running perpendicular to the face layers to add rigidity and strength to the teeth and body of the comb.  With this process we’ve drastically increased the strength to ensure your comb will be around for quite some time.

We originally designed Big Red Beard Combs to take with you on the go. They are small enough to be carried around with you throughout the day to groom your beard anytime, anywhere. We like to think of them as travel beard combs. Please review the dimensions below to see the true size of the comb.

  • ‘Beards Til Death’ Anchor engraving
  • Makore outer Eastern Maple inner -creating a Maple ‘pinstripe’
  • Crafted with laminated technology
  • Ideal for all beard lengths
  • 2-1/8″(5.4cm) long x 1-7/8″(4.7cm) wide
  • Static Resistant
  • Protective 100% recyclable, reseable package

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Sold and shipped in our distinctive ‘Big Red’ packaging, you’ll be impressed and relieved to find you now have a protective case for your new Big Red Beard Comb.  We care about our combs and want to ensure they see many years of use, and that is why we’ve gone through the trouble of supplying cool, yet very functional packaging. Each comb is fit within it’s own protective hard case and wrapped in a resealable craft paper cover. Simply remove and replace the metal rivets to open and close your package.  Everything  is well thought out, beautiful, and 100% recyclable, including the comb itself!

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19 reviews for Big Red No.5 – Beards Til Death Anchor – Special Edition Makore

  1. Andrew Mattson (verified owner)

    This is my everyday carry comb. After an unfortunate incident with a forklift, I am on my second #5. Amazing comb, fits in your pocket, and finely crafted. I would definitely recommend this comb.

  2. Al-Kanz

    Ce produit est un must. Se peigner la barbe est particulièrement agréable. Mieux, avec le numéro 5 se peigner la barbe relaxe. Quand on commence, on n’a plus envie d’arrêter.
    Superbe travail, superbe produit, superbe boutique. Je recommande vraiment +++

    Translation: This product is a must. To comb the beard is particularly nice. It’s very relaxing to comb the Beard with the number 5. When you begin, you do not want to stop. Superb job, superb product, superb shop. I really recommend

  3. Reece (verified owner)

    Amazing little comb, I was keeping it in my 5th (coin)Jeans pocket, but realized it fit perfectly in my wallets cc slot. So it now rides with me everyday in my wallet. I love this little comb and would hate to not have it with me every day.

  4. Richard (verified owner)

    This comb is amazing! I bought it slightly skeptical of spending so much for a comb but it’s been worth it! Looking back thru the other options I just may have to buy another

  5. Stacey (verified owner)

    I purchased this as a gift for my husband and he loves it! He uses it daily.

  6. Nat

    Small, Lite, easy to carry, i use it everyday.
    You can put it in your 5pocket, or you can plant it your beard.

  7. Greg Taylor (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier with this comb,It’s pocket size and tough enough to survive daily life.Not only is the comb an amazing product but their customer service is top notch.Buy yourself this comb (or any Big Red Beard Comb) you will not regret it!

  8. Tony (verified owner)

    One of my best edc items in my pocket. Keeps my facial hair in check without breakage.

  9. JG (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this product for a solid 6 months, and it has handled almost everything brilliantly.

    It gets thrown into my gym bag, in my pocket, backpack, you name it. Now I say almost anything because about a week ago, one of my end tines snapped off 🙁 I’m sure it had something to do with the care free way I was storing it in my pockets. The comb is still very functional though, it takes no hits in terms of performance.

    I’ve taken to carrying it around in the wood/pressboard case it arrives in, but its a little bulky for pockets. Better to over protect it! End sob story here.

    The comb itself fits nicely in a pocket, and because it is so light, you could almost forget it was there. It even fits in the watch pocket (the tiny little pocket inside the right hand pocket) without problems. I use it several times over the course of the week with oil, and it handles it very well. There is no absorbing that I can tell, and wipes any excess oil wipes right off.

    Great everyday comb for the shorter beard length.

  10. Sabi (verified owner)

    My boyfriend was (still is) in a “beard phase” and I decided to get him a beard comb (among other things) for his b’day. His b’day is still a month away but I couldn’t wait for him to have it! Absolutely LOVE the size and design!

  11. Alisha (verified owner)

    Bought this comb for my boyfriend. He said it’s a sturdy, well-crafted, good looking comb. It gets the job done!

  12. Collin M (verified owner)

    Carry this every day now I love it! Well made and cool AF. Thanks

  13. Nick W. (verified owner)

    Great quality comb, light and easy to keep on you. First time I have ever owned a wood comb and it works great with my beard oils. Will definitely buy from Big Red Beard Combs again.

  14. René (verified owner)

    Perfect size, perfectly Made, great quality,…

  15. Florian (verified owner)

    Awesome comb, fits very well with my wallet (Bi-fold, tattoo edition). Perfect for everyday use and carry around.

  16. Chris (verified owner)

    Really well made with a very classy look. I have one of my own and bought this one for a friend from the navy.

  17. Alexis Candelibes (verified owner)

    I use it every single day with my No.9. Big Red products are just the best !

  18. Manuel A. (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for the perfect edc beard comb for sometime now, and when I came across the No. 5, I just had to give it a go. I’m so glad that I did! This comb is awesome! It’s the perfect size for every day carry, it fits absolutely perfect in my wallet! I love the design, shape and feel of the comb, the craftsmanship is great! It’s small but sturdy, so well made. I’ll definitely be getting more big red beard combs in the future, really want to get the No. 7 next! So happy with my purchase!

  19. Jorge Romero (verified owner)

    At first I felt it was too small. But I found on it the perfect partner. I just can’t go out without it.

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