Big Red Minimalist Wallet – Tattoo Edition


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Big Red Minimalist Wallet – Tattoo Edition

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Like a good whiskey or a well-worn leather wallet, some things in life get better with age. The Big Red Minimalist Wallet is hand-crafted out of high-quality water resistant leather treated with oils and finishes. This leather has an aged patina that will only get better from day one. Not only will it carry your cards and cash, it doubles as No.5 Big Red Beard Comb Case.

The Big Red Leather Slim Wallet holds up to 5 cards, some cash and is designed with a front & back wrap around pocket for extra storage. Designed with ultra thin construction, it can easily be carried in a pocket.

  • Features Bi-Colour construction – Walnut inner, Whiskey Outter
  • Features stamped Big Red tattoo pattern
  • Hand-crafted from high quality leather
  • Slim Construction
  • Hand sewn with imported Tiger Thread and saddle stitched: stronger than machine stitch
  • Fits 5 cards in main pocket
  • Wrap around pocket allows room for more cards, cash or your Big Red No.5
  • 7.3cm wide x 9.2cm high x 0.7cm thick

* Big Red No.5 not included.

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23 reviews for Big Red Minimalist Wallet – Tattoo Edition

  1. Josh (verified owner)

    I love this wallet. Anytime anyone notice it they comment on how cool is is. Thank you, and keep making great products.

  2. Me Diaz (Stryk) (verified owner)

    This one right here is amazing. I don’t have a comb to fit it yet but it holds my cards as said. The quality of leather is good as other products the stitching is on point. Very well put together.

  3. michele (verified owner)

    the most beautiful in the world ! and they are the best !

  4. Dom (verified owner)

    This wallet is awesome!!! Fits my front pocket and beard comb perfectly!! Love the embossed old school tattoos that are on both sides. The leather and craftmanship are top quality!

  5. Josh (verified owner)

    Great craftsmanship and quality. Carry mine everyday

  6. Kent André Teigen (verified owner)

    I love this wallet, it’s small so it fits i my front pocket. The design look great and the stitch work look good so far. I can carry 3, maybe 4 cards, alot of bills and og course mye big red no 5. Thanks for an awesome product.

  7. jillian

    Fast shipping. Great product.

  8. Mike (verified owner)

    Once you try this small wallet, you’ll never buy a regular wallet again. Plus this one looks awesome. Nice work on the design. Keep up the high quality products.

  9. Emylie (verified owner)

    I bought this wallet for my husband for Christmas and he was out of his world when he saw the wallet he said : Wow this is exactly want I needed it’s , manly, small , and smell like a new couch !!!

  10. Emylie (verified owner)

    Amazing !!

  11. René (verified owner)

    Perfectly Made!

  12. Rich (verified owner)

    Amazing wallet, shipping was a few days and it looks IDENTICAL to the photo’s. Everyone asks about it here in Northern Ontario! Great work I’ll be ordering the No5 comb soon!!

  13. Ryan Mitchell (verified owner)

    Wallet is great, Just the right size to fit in my front pocket. Holds all the cards and stuff i need. The craftsmanship of the wallet is top flight.

  14. Robert Jones (verified owner)

    Identical to the picture, the quality of the leather is fantastic and the delivery time was excellent! You won’t regret buying this product!!

  15. J Clementson (verified owner)

    BEST WALLET EVER. . Pure quality and even better than the pictures

  16. Nick M.

    I am 100% satisfied with the wallet. I receive a ton of comments about how people love the wallet. plus the fact I get to carry my beard comb in it is awesome. Thank you for the awesome quality products you produce.

  17. M. Ladvik (verified owner)

    I love the slimness of this wallet. You can fit everything in and it is not bulging in your pocket. In addition to comb, small pocket is perfect for condom.

  18. M. Ladvik (verified owner)

    I would personally like little bit wider teeth, when beard happens to be too curly, it can get stuck.
    On the plus side, I love the design and smallness of it. You can carry it pretty much everywhere, in pocket, in wallet, in phone case etc. It also feels very strong, your are probably not going to break it by accidentally sitting on it.

  19. Karin (verified owner)

    It is so cool! I love it and hope that my husband do too, its for our anniversery in june.

  20. Kenneth Brandt (verified owner)

    Killer look and killer feel to whipping out my wallet. It’s slim enough to put in a front pocket when your out for the night.

  21. Rob (verified owner)

    Brbc does it again. This company is about nothing but top quality goods. Every time I whip out this bad boy everybody wants to know where it came from, including old ladies. Everything about it is f*cking beautiful from the stitches to the smell of real dead cow.

    Well done guys, well done

  22. Charles L. (verified owner)

    Top qualité, les cartes tiennent très bien et n’ont pas tendance à tomber, le cuir est de qualité et les coutures semblent être faites pour résister des années. Impossible d’être déçu! Le peigne #5 est son compagnon idéal!

  23. Matt (verified owner)

    I just received my wallet! I was very excited to finally get it. It looks great and I ordered a No. 5 to store in it so I can have it with me when I’m out and about. I love how slim it feels and how soft it is. I really thought I might have to break it in, but in fact, it’s super soft and easily manipulated to slide in your comb, cards and any bills. They won’t fall out of it from being so soft either, making it even better! You won’t go wrong with this wallet if you’re looking for something minimalist in nature.

    Great job BRBC!

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