Big Red No.88 – Fine Tooth


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Big Red No.88 – Fine Tooth

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* Please allow a 3-4 business days for shipment. Each comb is custom crafted as orders are placed. Due to high demand there is a 3-4 business day completion time *

A long time in the making. The Big Red No.88 in Stainless steel with Bolivian Rosewood scales. We’ve spent huge amounts of time learning and refining this beauty to get it to where we feel it’s one of the finest metal comb available. We are offering it in wide and fine tooth pattern and while or supplies last, Rosewood scales. We’ve sandblasted the faces of the combs and polished the edges to a mirror finish. We find its a nice balance between beauty and functionality.

  • Stainless steel body
  • Bolivian Rosewood scales
  • Bottle opener
  • Fine tooth patter, multi-use hair comb and beard comb
  • Dimensions: 5.5″(14cm) long   x   1-1/2″( at it’s widest


Out of stock


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9 reviews for Big Red No.88 – Fine Tooth

  1. gdrattin (verified owner)

    High quality craftsmanship even down to the packaging.

    The No. 88 fine tooth could be the last beard comb you want/have to buy. It has a nice little heft to it and given the steel construction you won’t have it snap in your pocket or loose a tooth off it. It performs extremely well! I’d say I’ve got a medium sized beard and the fine teeth work as smooth as any other standard beard comb I’ve used. The wooden inlay is killer as well and in combo with the steel construction it also has a bottle opener!?

    No question it’s worth every penny!

  2. JLowery (verified owner)

    Simply amazing. I have gone through numerous beard combs and get really frustrated with the snagging that comes with many inferior combs. This really does a great job of moving through my beard, even after a motorcycle ride! The construction is solid and easily (and comfortably) fits into my front or back pocket. The wood handle is not a tiny piece of veneer but rather a nice, solid chunk of wood. Great job! Good weight! High integrity company!

  3. Colin Vickery (verified owner)

    Wow ! An amazing comb, highest quality product, the steel construction is smooth and the wooden handle feels really solid, feels great to to just hold and combs really well. The old adage that you get what you pay for is true, I ordered from the UK, delivery was far sooner than I expected and even the packaging was top quality. Already thinking of another one as a backup in case, heaven forbid, I lose this one.

  4. David (verified owner)

    Habitant en france, j’ai commandé ce peigne car son style m’a seduit. Une fois reçu je dois dire que la finition du produit etait au dela de mes espérances. Ce peigne est juste magnifique et il ne me quitte plus. C’est un plaisir a l’utiliser, son côté froid passant a travers la barbe est indescriptible. Un produit que je recommande chaudement a tous mes amis barbus 😉

  5. Ben (verified owner)

    From The get go, the box The feel, the weight, the wood. It’s amazing I bought one for each of my brothers but I’m keeping two of them. I love the uniqueness.

    P.s. my brother took this one

  6. Lynn Ashcroft (verified owner)

    I have several Big Red products and I bought this comb for travel. The size is excellent and the craftsmanship and design are perfect. Combined with the aesthetic aspect (and the essential classic beer bottle opener) this is without a doubt the best comb ever.

  7. Lynn Ashcroft (verified owner)

    Writing this review is easy because all I have to say is…..the absolute best beard comb ever created.

  8. Chris (verified owner)

    This is the best pocket comb I have owned by a mile. The quality of the build materials are top-notch. It feels great in the hand an it serves its purpose beautifully. I really should say purposes, because until now I never carried a bottle opener. The comb itself is smooth and feels great just to hold. It isn’t intrusive in the pocket and based of off that it is something I will carry on me for a long time to come.

    Oh also the packaging, I would give that 5 stars too.

  9. Oli Juliusson (verified owner)

    I’ve got a rather thick Icelandic beard so I decided to go for the metal, fine toothed version and boy do I not regret that. It runs more smoothly through my beard than a wooden comb and the weight and feel is amazing. I have surprised myself by using the bottle opener quite a lot as well. The quality is excellent and I would really recommend it to anyone with a thick beard.

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