Big Red Bi-Fold Wallet – Black

$54.99 CAD

Big Red Bi-Fold Wallet – Black

$54.99 CAD

No one wants a brick thick wallet, keep it slim and keep it simple.  The Big Red Beard Combs Bi-Fold Leather Wallet is hand-crafted out of high-quality water resistant leather treated with oils and finishes. This leather has an aged patina that will only get better from day one. Not only will it carry your cards and cash, it doubles as a No.9 or No.5 Big Red Beard Comb Case.

  • Hand-crafted from high quality leather
  • Black latigo leather inside and out
  • Slim Construction: 4-6 Card Capacity
  • Hand sewn with imported Tiger Thread and saddle stitched: stronger than machine stitch
  • Doubles as No.9 or No.5 Big Red Beard Comb case
  • Dimensions closed: 7.1 cm wide x 11cm high x 1.3cm thick

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