Big Red Beard Kits – Pilot Kit


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Big Red Beard Kits – Pilot Kit

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The Big Red Pilot Kit is perfect as a sampling or as travel sized product to keep you groomed on the go. Toss it in your travel kit or your pocket to ensure your beard will look it’s best anywhere, anytime.

– 3 x Beard Balm trial tins
– 3 x Beard Oil trial vials
– Slide top tins allow quick easy access to Beard Balm
– Glass droppers make it easy to apply the perfect amount of oil

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Beard Kit includes 3 x 0.37oz Beard Balms & 3 x 0.06oz Beard Oils.

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27 reviews for Big Red Beard Kits – Pilot Kit

  1. perrine (verified owner)

    Echantillons parfaist pour tester les produits et voir lesquelles corresponds à la barbe de mon chéri !

  2. Darren (verified owner)

    A little on the small side but it’s a sample kit, you’d expect that.

    This was my first ever beard balm or oil I bought, I am very happy with it overall, I enjoy both scents, the Noble has definite citrus notes that I personally enjoy and I find it complements the charcoal soap very well.

    The Factory is also a very enjoyable scent.

  3. Carlie

    I thought this was a cool way to try out their scents without having to spend a whole lot.
    My special man with a beard personally loves factory and we will be repeat customers…… I mean who doesn’t want to snuggle up to a beard that smells like wood….and manly things?

    I’m a fan. He’s a fan. I say if your looking for a non generic present for your burly dude pick these up.

    Manscaping a real man can get into.

  4. Ben (verified owner)

    Best beard balm I have used. Keeps my beard healthy and smelling great. Both scents are awesome. My wife prefers the noble over the factory but I love them both. I will be ordering more soon.

  5. Paul (verified owner)

    Perfect sample size for trying out these amazing products. For my beard the balm worked better then the oil and I couldn’t tell which scent I liked more, factory or noble, so I had to buy both! Dillinger came out after I ordered the kit so I’ll have to try that one later. High quality, great smelling products that keep me looking my best. If you are new to Big Red products then get this kit to find what works best for you.

  6. mark headon (verified owner)

    absolutely in love. bought this kit to check out the product. needless to say I used it all and NEEEEEEED to order more. the NO.7 is just awesome I use it daily. so far my favorite comb. the oils and balms are excellent. highly recommended if you havnt tried it yet. even my cats love the NO.7……….they like to chew my handle it must be as tasty as it looks.

  7. David Whyte (verified owner)

    Exactly what I expected from a sample kit. Wanted to try the new Dillinger and this was a perfect way to.

  8. Alex Brannick (verified owner)

    Amazing products. I order all of my combs and beard oil through Big Red because it is always high quality. This sample pack was exactly what I was looking for to test out the new scents and to decide on a favorite.

  9. Justin Campbell (verified owner)

    Each sample provides an adequate amount of product to test it for a few days. I was able to get 2 to 3 days out of each balm. Factory is very woodsy, a little bit too much for me. Noble is a nice, fresh citrus scent, a little sweet. Dillinger is by far my favorite, reminds me of Christmas time. I ordered the larger size of Dillinger for continued use. Each oil matches the scent to the balm very well. The oil is one of the best I’ve used. It moisturizes my skin without leaving it oily. Overall, you can’t go wrong with with any of the items in this kit.

  10. James (verified owner)

    How can you not love this! It’s a great way to find your scent. The products are all excellent.

  11. Andrew (verified owner)

    Great kit to get a good idea of which Oil and Balm would be best for you. I actually liked them all, so I purchased one full size of each.

  12. Brendan Wallace (verified owner)

    great sample size for the guy who has a beard but you don’t know which one he will like best!

  13. Jordan B (verified owner)

    Awesome Kit!!
    I like the range of scents but thought the sizes were really small when I got it a month ago, but using them sparingly they have lasted.
    Great way to try out the oils and balms

  14. The.B.Kid (verified owner)

    I didn’t knew which oil to select for my beard so I ordered this kit. Pretty nice for testing all the oils and balms, I personnaly prefer the noble one cause the bergamot and citruc scent make a good alliance with my skin… Anyways, the products could seems small when you got them but if you want to try out all the different scent it’s the perfect kit.

  15. Christopher Broome (verified owner)

    Good stuff all around. Will definitely be purchasing larger quantities soon.

  16. Samantha Holmes (verified owner)

    love this product, bought it for my boyfriend and he also loves it, makes his beard look and smell awesome !

  17. Blair Benson

    Nice little package. Excellent for travelling or if you are trying to figure out what scent/type of product you like best. Highly recommend

  18. Blair Benson

    Forgot to add in previous post. I wish you could buy these sizes separately as they fit perfectly in the Rambler travel case. I am sure that Big Red will start doing this soon. Not a big issue, but would be really nice. Only giving this post 2 stars, because I am hoping to get Big Reds attention. Keep up the good work

  19. Barry Burns

    From scent to effectiveness I love this new kit. I am now sporting my first beard in over 20 years. It began on a lark with every intention of shaving after the holidays. With these wonderful new products I’m hooked. It might be another 20 years before I shave again :-)>

  20. Isabel (verified owner)

    Each one smelled more delicious than the other – Purchased for my hubby for his stocking gift and already after only 3 days of use, his beard feels so much softer… Will be buying again and again… Love that this is a Canadian product too!

  21. Matt

    This is the first time trying Big Red Beard, which is funny because I have a Big Red beard, but I just found them. The Factory oil has a mild scent, but the Balm more than makes up for it with its peaty scent. Bit like an Islay single malt Whisky. My wife isn’t a fan.
    However we both like the Noble Beard oil & Balm. Which smells a bit like Cedar Citrus…I think.
    I am yet to try the Dillinger, but from the smell of the Balm I think I’m going to like it.

  22. Jeff S. (verified owner)

    Great product, smells good too!

  23. Michael Strong (verified owner)

    Very good quality and also a very fast delivery to Germany. Nice idea if you are on holiday for some days.

    Not the last time I ordered

  24. Kenneth Sanders (verified owner)

    I wasnt sure which scent my girl would like so I got the Pilot Kit. The beard balm was an experiment and I really like it. The Dillinger and Noble were the best smelling my dad says the Factory smells like weed. Good starter pack for those not sure what to get.

  25. NG (verified owner)

    Perfect to test and choose THE right product for us (balm or oil or both, perfume of them)

  26. Andy adams (verified owner)

    As an introducer and sample of the various scents available this product is great. Not many others offer a sample set like this. The oil seems small but so far it’s gone very far! The balms are a little small but work well and don’t turn gritty.

  27. Edward (verified owner)

    Bought this to try out some new scents, as I’ve always bought the nobel one, so far my wife like dillinger and nobel, just have to try out factory.

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