Big Red Beard Combs Master Kit


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Big Red Beard Combs Master Kit

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The Master Kit has a 2-4 business day lead time at this time.

The 'Master Kit' is the Ultimate Big Red Beard Comb kit. A beautiful American Black Walnut slab offers designated slots to hold, the included, No.9, No.7, No.5 and No.3 in place. Beside the combs you will find slots to hold the included, 2 Big Red Beard Oils, 1 Big Red Beard Balm and 1 Big Red Moustache Wax. Use the Master Kit not only as a storage block but as a display stand to keep your Big Red merch looking good and easily within reach. Each 'Master Kit' will have different grain and figure from one block to the next, making your kit uniquely one of a kind.

  • Solid Walnut comb stand
  • 4 Big Red Beard Combs included: No.9, No.7, No.5, and No.3 of your choice.
  • 2 Big Red Beard Oils included
  • 1 Big Red Beard Balm included – of your choice
  • 1 Big Red Moustache Wax included – of your choice
  • Durable rubber non-slip, non-marking feet fitted with solid brass screws
  • 11-1/4″(28.6cm) long x 4″(10.3cm) wide x 1″(2.5cm) high
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The Big Red ‘Master Kit’ includes 4 finely hand crafted wooden Big Red Beard Combs, 1 Big Red Beard Balm, 2 Big Red Beard Oils, and 1 Big Red Moustache Wax.

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3 reviews for Big Red Beard Combs Master Kit

  1. Zac P (verified owner)

    If you didn’t feel manly enough prior to purchasing the master kit even though you sport the most manliest thing known to mankind, a beard, then you will now!

    What’s that I hear you say? You don’t brush your beard? Look at this beast, not one, not two, not even THREE combs, this epitome of manly glory sports FOUR COMBS! Enough to fill your entire face with wood!

    If combs aren’t your thing (of course they’re your thing) there’s a selection of oils, moustache wax and BEARD BALM! Do you want the smoothest and sexiest beard for the nearest 40km?! Apply this to your beard regularly and feel as luscious and wild as a brown bear in mating season!

    And now I heard you ask “Oh how will I store and keep track of all these amazing beardly products?!”. Well you’re in luck, look at that slab of wood, lovingly crafted Walnut wood, smells as good as it looks, and damn does it look good!

    Should you buy this…… OF Course! Your beard, your wife, you dog, you pet moose and your milkman will all agree that this is the best purchase you’ll make since you got that 67 corvette stingray you refurbished.

  2. Chris D (verified owner)

    Love this kit! Comes with 4 quality combs, a very nice stand and some great smelling beard oil/balm (Factory). Big Red is now my go to brand for all my beard care needs.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Ethan P (verified owner)

    Warning!!! The high quality beard products included in this amazeballs kit will cause Increased attention from the opposite sex!

    Everything you need to maintain that beautiful face hedge is right here! Just picture it….

    Fresh out of the shower, and your beard has that annoying crispness from chopping wood, wrestling grizzlies, and satisfying your lady friend the day before. So you grab one of the two beard oils included in the kit. With a few drops and some caressing you transform that dry itchy annoyance into a silky soultrie beast you’ll yearn to stroke.

    Next, you need something to keep those stubborn strays, that refuse to conform and live make you look like a homeless Sasquatch, under control. So you grab the beard balm and slap those disobedient chin spears in line with a hold that lasts without that pesky stiffness of other balms.

    As you gaze upon the masterpiece that sets you apart from men, you notice that wild creature on your upper lip. Don’t worry! Big Red Moustache wax has got you covered! With a small dab you wisk that muskrat into two majestic fox tails deserving of the title “Stache”.

    Don’t worry friend, the best part of your morning isn’t over yet.

    A quick once over with your choice of the four wooden beard combs crafted with precise excellence will leave you with a manicured masterpiece suitable to be worn by Zeus himself!

    I know what your thinking… What do I do with that little bit of excess on my hands? No worries, rub that extra Big Red goodness into that burly chest beard! Your lady will love it, trust me!

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