Big Red Beard Comb Hardwood Blade – Teak


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Big Red Beard Comb Hardwood Blade – Teak

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This beautiful varigated Teak is offered in a very limited quantity. Traditionally used on yacht and ship decks due to it's resistance to rot and decay, you can be sure your it will make for one tough Big Red Beard Comb. Teak has a varying grain and colour, making each comb unique.

Here it is Gents, the epic 'Hardwood Blade'. It's the closest we'll be getting anything this shape to our beloved beards. It's constructed using our standard laminated process making for one of the largest and strongest combs we're offering. It's like two combs in one. One side is a slightly modified fine tooth similar to our No.7 and the opposite side is the wide tooth pattern of our No.9. Keep this beaut by your side to keep your Beard looking it's best.

The Hardwood Blade is crafted with a laminated technology, which ensures that your comb is made as tough as possible. The comb is made from a total of five layers, with the three inner layers, running perpendicular to the face layers to add rigidity and strength to the teeth and body of the comb. With this process we've drastically increased the strength to ensure your comb will be around for quite some time.

  • Saftey Razor shape
  • Double Sided: Fine tooth and Wide tooth pattern.
  • Teak outer Eastern Maple inner -creating a Maple 'pinstripe'
  • Crafted with laminated technology
  • Ideal for medium to extra long beard lengths
  • 4″(10.2cm) long x 2.5″(6.4cm) wide
  • Static Resistant
  • Protective 100% recyclable, reseable package

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5 reviews for Big Red Beard Comb Hardwood Blade – Teak

  1. Ryan Bowers (verified owner)

    Awesome! No static, nice and smooth, comfortable to hold. Great product.

  2. Patrick (verified owner)

    Great craftsmanship! Beautiful wood!

  3. Elton (verified owner)

    very well crafted, nice packaging,
    Basically 2 combs in one with the manufactured tooth patterns,
    its my first comb from BR and won’t be the last,
    i do primarily use the finer side as my beard is only about a year old, so thats something to consider if your curious about tooth spacing, eventually ill grow into the larger teeth…

    reccomended ! buy

  4. Nathan (verified owner)

    Completely static resistant! Will acquire the scent of the beard oil you use. Couldnt by anymore happy with a product! (And the customer support is on point as well as shipping speed.)

  5. Lukas (verified owner)

    one of my favourite tools in the bathroom.
    handy, great feel, beautiful wood,
    2 options in tooth width are ideal for every type of beard, so the BRB Comb Hardwood Blade is the swiss knife of beard combs 😉

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