Big Red No.9 – Tattoo – Special Edition


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Big Red No.9 – Tattoo – Special Edition

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Our tatted comb is a homage to the tattoo legend Sailor Jerry. Featuring classic tats, our No.9 will keep your beard tamed in style.

The No.9 is designed with longer thicker teeth and increased spacing between them, which allows you to tackle your long, thick, curly beard with ease. As your beard grows, so does it’s grooming needs. Once your beard reaches a certain length, you’ll want to transition from your No.7 or No.5 to the No.9. We recommend making the transition once you’ve reach medium to long beard length. Not only will the No.9 glide through with ease, it will help detangle those gnarly, unruly tangles.

The No.9 is crafted with a laminated technology, which ensures that your comb is made as tough as possible.  The comb is made from a total of five layers, with the two inner layers, running perpendicular to the face layers to add rigidity and strength to the teeth and body of the comb.  With this process we’ve drastically increased the strength to ensure your comb will be around for quite some time.

We originally designed Big Red Beard Combs to take with you on the go. They are small enough to be carried around with you throughout the day to groom your beard anytime, anywhere. We like to think of them as travel beard combs. Please review the dimensions below to see the true size of the comb.

  • Sailor Jerry inspired Tattoo pattern engraving
  • Makore outer Eastern Maple inner
  • Crafted with laminated technology
  • Available in Wide or Fine Tooth Patterns
  • 3-5/8″(9.5cm) long x 1-1/2″(3.9cm) wide
  • Static Resistant
  • Protective 100% recyclable, reseable package
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Sold and shipped in our distinctive ‘Big Red’ packaging, you’ll be impressed and relieved to find you now have a protective case for your new Big Red Beard Comb.  We care about our combs and want to ensure they see many years of use, and that is why we’ve gone through the trouble of supplying cool, yet very functional packaging. Each comb is fit within it’s own protective hard case and wrapped in a resealable craft paper cover. Simply remove and replace the metal rivets to open and close your package.  Everything  is well thought out, beautiful, and 100% recyclable, including the comb itself!


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22 reviews for Big Red No.9 – Tattoo – Special Edition

  1. Salmon Slayer (verified owner)

    Big Red products tame my chest length beard no mater if am at work in woods
    or on the water enjoying wind & rain fishing here in Oregon, Big Red works better than any other beard product I have ever previously used., Women ( friends & total strangers ) notice the almost sparkling softness of Big Red beard balm on my full beard which creates an urge to touch my beard which they almost can’t resist,

    Salmon Slayer

  2. Bradley Anderson (verified owner)

    Great look, great quality, great price and shipping/ ordering were quick/easy!!!

  3. Kevin rice (verified owner)

    This is the perfect size comb for a lumberjack to wizardly length beard. It really helps me spread the factory beard oil throughout my entire beard. Since I switched to this stylish handmade comb I’ve noticed less sheding during combing and less split ends. Combine this comb with the big red beard oils and wash with the soap and it’ll make a world of difference.

  4. Wilson (verified owner)

    Peigne idéal , facile à ranger , de bonne taille ni trop grand ni trop petit . De très très bonne qualité avec un super design , que demander de plus !

  5. Steph (verified owner)

    Solid comb that really works!!

  6. Josh

    Just got my big red no 9 today. Very nice handcrafted comb. Will definitely be put into my every day rotation.

  7. John (verified owner)

    Awesome comb! Huge upgrade from my old cheap comb that pulled out as many hairs as it combed. Super strong too: it lives in my back jeans pocket everyday without a problem. Would recommend to anyone with a long beard.

  8. René (verified owner)

    Just perfect – nothing else to say!

  9. Nathan (verified owner)

    Un super peigne!!! la qualité est au rendez vous et les dessin sur le peigne sont magnifique!!

    A great comb!!! very good quality and the drawing on the comb is beautiful!!

  10. Duane Weaver (verified owner)

    Just awesome! Combs absolutely flawless!!

  11. John Ashby (verified owner)

    Hands down the best beard comb I own! Many combs on the market are simply too large/bulky…but this fits perfectly in my hand. If you have a thick beard….the teeth are spaced perfectly as to not snag on your beard hair. My only ask is that Big Red stop making different styles… I am compelled to buy all of them.

  12. Alexis Candelibes (verified owner)

    Just an amazing comb ! I have it with me all day. Great quality as always with Big Red products !

  13. Matt (verified owner)

    Great comb,looks awesome and works awesome. I probably should have bought the fine tooth instead for my beard, but it still gets the job done and it fits in my wallet pocket and I don’t have to worry about it

  14. Seamus (verified owner)

    Excellent comb. Really nice design and size. Very smooth through the beard. Best product in my kit.

  15. Niko (verified owner)

    Thank you very much
    Nice and fast shipping to germany
    amazing comb
    Thougth it was a little big larger but its good ..
    nice job

  16. Sam McCarthy (verified owner)

    The #9 is perfect..finally grew into it. My third purchase, started small and worked up. Great product , quality can’t be beat.. Excellent is all.

  17. Mat (verified owner)

    This #9 comb is amazing ! Good quality & awesome design.His little size is perfect for my pocket,i can take it with me everytime & everywhere.Fast shipping to France.For my fist purchase,i’m happy,thanks.

  18. Margy (verified owner)

    Big Red Beard products are an awesome gift for that furry friend in your life.
    I purchased this Big Red comb for my step son who is a big red and loves sailor jerry! The package came well presented with fast postage to Australia. The comb is adorable – my daughter wants one for her barbies…

  19. Colin (verified owner)

    Solid comb. Awesome customer service. Probably going to order another to keep in my truck. Win Win.

  20. Mark Hyder

    Badass comb great quality

  21. Catillaz (verified owner)

    Qualité de fabrication et finitions excellentes, et envoie rapide, Merci.

  22. Chris McNeil (verified owner)

    Great comb! The artwork is stellar! The biggest bonus to this product is the laminated construction. Very strong. I have other wood combs that have cracked or broken after only a few weeks! Big Red is high quality stuff! I definitely recommend this product!

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