The Chopping Block – Big Red No.7 – Walnut

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The Chopping Block – Big Red No.7 – Walnut

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$17.99 $15.99

Although it does get cold up here in the mountains of British Columbia, we just can't bring ourselves to burn these. What's wrong with them? Nothing really. They're simply combs with slight esthetic flaws such as, seams, knots, slight twists, etc. These are all common and natural occurrences in wood, and though some may consider these flaws, we consider them beauty marks that don't affect the function of the comb in any way. What does this mean? Simple savings. If you don't see the comb you want, check back often, every once in a while some combs end up on the Chopping Block.

Big Red's classic Beard comb. Offering the most teeth, the No.7 is an all around comb suited to any beard style. We originally designed Big Red Beard Combs to be taken with you on the go. They are small enough to be carried around with you throughout the day to groom your beard anytime, anywhere. We like to think of them as travel beard combs. The No.7 is not recommended to be carried in a pocket, but otherwise kept in your truck, your office desk, your grooming case or anywhere you need to touch up the beard on the go. If you would like to have your comb on you at all times, the No.5 is great for the Pocket, as is the Double Deuce No.22.

Please review the dimensions below to see the true size of the comb.

  • Cherry or Walnut outer Eastern Maple inner -creating a Maple 'pinstripe'
  • Crafted with laminated technology
  • Ideal for all beard lengths
  • 4-1/2″(11.4cm) long x 7/8″(2.2cm) wide
  • Static Resistant
  • Protective 100% recyclable, reseable package

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Sold and shipped in our distinctive ‘Big Red’ packaging, you’ll be impressed and relieved to find you now have a protective case for your new Big Red Beard Comb.  We care about our combs and want to ensure they see many years of use, and that is why we’ve gone through the trouble of supplying cool, yet very functional packaging. Each comb is fit within it’s own protective hard case and wrapped in a resealable craft paper cover. Simply remove and replace the metal rivets to open and close your package.  Everything  is well thought out, beautiful, and 100% recyclable, including the comb itself!

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3 reviews for The Chopping Block – Big Red No.7 – Walnut

  1. Matt

    If you’re looking to get to peak beard, this all-purpose beard comb will get you there. It’s compact, durable, and stylish. I suggest this comb for anyone getting into, for the first time, real beard grooming.

  2. Jeffrry Noel Salgado (verified owner)

    Where do I start? The smart compact size or perhaps the durable I use to stroke my beard? This comb brings the best out of my mustache & beard, I often get asked what type of comb I use, I whip it out of my wallet & say “this is a big red beard comb, nothing else touches my beard or ever will” BRBC products are one of a kind & nothing else in the market comes close to their quality.

  3. Bryan (verified owner)

    Before getting this sleek, low profile, awesome smelling beard comb I always felt like there was something missing in my life. Now that I have this I walk with that little extra swagger, I almost beat Chuck Norris in an arm wrestle but then again it’s Chuck Norris, I climbed Mount Everest without a Sherpa, I made love to 69 women in one night, I’ve become immortal!!
    Best comb ever!

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