How Big are Big Red Beard Combs?

Big Red Beard Combs may not be as big as you think, but they are made the way they are for a purpose. In this blog post, we want to explain further about the size of our combs, as well at the construction and the uses.

When we first set out to create the better beard comb, it was for the purpose of grooming the beard on the go. I would often carry a plastic comb around but was never satisfied with the performance of the comb, hence making the wooden Big Red Beard Comb you see today. The first comb we produced was the Big Red No.7. The No.7 has the classic comb shape and was modeled after the size of comb I carried around with me. The first comb I made was out of solid wood and it snapped easily. I created the next comb prototypes using cross lamination, resulting in a much stronger comb, less prone to breakage. However, something that must be understood about Big Red Beard Combs, is that they are made out of wood. Although they are constructed as strong as possible for their size, if you put your trusty No.7 in your back pocket and sit on it, it will break. It’s the equivalent of putting sunglasses in your back pocket and sitting on them. You just wouldn’t do that, as you understand the strength constraints of plastic sunglasses. The same is to be said about wooden combs. Big Red Beard Combs are not recommended for the pocket, but rather to keep in your truck, your office desk, your grooming case, wherever you need some quick grooming on the go. We stash them all over the place for quick access to touch up the beard throughout the day. The No.5 is the exception to the pocket rule. It does fit nicely in the small change/watch pocket in the front of the jeans and doesn’t snap when you sit down. So if you would like to carry the comb around with you in your pocket, the No.5 is the way to go.


Big Red Beard Combs are designed to be efficient and do the job right. Imagine combing your beard with a 1/4 inch thick comb, it wouldn’t give you the desired outcome. Big Red Beard Combs were designed to be slim so the teeth would glide through the beard and perform like a comb should. When you use a plastic barber comb on your beard, you’ll find the teeth are spaced very close together creating a painful experience when you run into beard tangles. Although those nasty beard tangles are sometimes unavoidable, we’ve increased and optimized the space between the teeth, to create a comb more suited to the beard – a true beard comb.

Some of our most common questions are about the size and strength limitations of our combs. We have written this blog to help all of our Bearded Brethren out there make an informed decision about what comb is best for their beard. The Big Red Beard combs you see today are only the beginning. We are in the process of creating a bigger comb for at home grooming and champion beards. We have also created the Folding Comb, now known as the Double Deuce No.22, which has a hard case to protect your comb from breakage.


Here at Big Red Beard Combs, we are constantly developing and improving our products to provide all of your beards the best possible experience we can. Beard on brothers!

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  1. My wife ordered me a no.7 & a no.5 and a big red t-shirt for my birthday and I am amazed at how well the combs work thanks for making such a great quality product I will be ordering more combs

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