A Closer Look at the New Big Red No.99

"Our new hair comb is an exploration into producing a comb with a superb balance between overall strength and flexibility. "

Wood, of course, has it’s limitations and strengths and learning how to manipulate this material is not without it’s challenges. We’ve wanted to make a hair comb for some time now but because of certain limitations in the material we knew an alteration in our current construction method was needed to engineer a comb that could be increased in size and yet still remain strong and flexible.


To accomplish this we’ve chosen a new hybrid method of construction. We started by using our 5 ply laminated material for the core. This has proven to be an excellent base and the core material we’ve used with thousands of combs currently in use. We then attached thicker solid Walnut scales to add rigidity to the body of the comb. How we attach these is a little bit of a secret but I can tell you that they’re not just glued onto the surface of the comb.

"We've attached them in such a way, that they lock into one another and form a mechanical bond that is extremely resistant to bending."

It’s ,of course, a little more of a time consuming procedure and it does require a little bit of specialized machinery but it makes for a mighty fine comb and in the end that’s the main objective.


With the thicker scales we’ve also been able to engrave deeper into the handles making for some extremely crisp detail that’s sure to never wear away. While on the topic of engraving there’s also one small detail that we’ve left out up until now.

"This comb is customizable"

The area just below the scales will be available for custom engraving of your favoriate saying or quote or perhaps your own John Hancock.


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5 thoughts on “A Closer Look at the New Big Red No.99

    • Hey Shane, we are aiming to release it for pre-order this weekend. From there it will ship in 1-2 weeks. Check back this weekend to get your order in!

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