Big Red Beard Comb Wallet

As many of you know, here at Big Red Beard Combs we’ll be adding some everyday carry items to the shop. We’ve got some exciting things in store, including our hand-crafted leather wallet prototypes, which will be put into production shortly. Best of all? We’ve created them to double as a Big Red Beard Comb holder!


They will be offered in 2 styles, a card holder and a slim bi-fold wallet. Both can easily fit a No.9 or No.5, a couple cards and some cash. Really, what more could you need?


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8 thoughts on “Big Red Beard Comb Wallet

  1. These are a great idea, and look amazing as well! Another one smashed outside the park by Big Red Beard Combs

  2. I’m one of the lucky ones who’s just got a number 9 comb, this would go great with it, when do you think you’ll have em in the store?

  3. looks like a beautiful piece of art!! i could totally see myself rocking one of these to go along with my No. 9 Comb. i will for sure be on the look out on this great product!

    • Hey Zach,

      We’re working on some leather designs and a new wallet is in the works. It will most definitely have a cash pocket of some sorts. Keep your eyes on our social media. Cheers

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